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Ebony M. Walker

"If it MUST be written, It MUST be UpWrite!"

Marketing Content

The content on your social media and website are vital to the success of your business and brand. Even the verbiage you use for your Marketing Sheets and brochures are imperative. We make sure that you say what you need to say, in the most effective way!


Let your clients, supporters, and followers know what’s going on with you! Having a sale or launching a new product? Let’s create the content for your newsletter that will grab the attention of every reader!


Do you need to “wow” your audience? We provide speeches for keynote speakers, ministry leaders, CEO’s, or any person who has a message to convey. Whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, a birthday party or a private meeting – we write speeches that capture your audience’s attention.

Sales & Ad Copy

Carefully choosing your words to convey to your target audience is important. We want to help you connect with your consumers in a way that causes them to act, and not just scroll. Our copy will help increase conversion rates and profits by highlighting the key components of your products and services.

Email Campaign

Your fans and followers want to stay in the know with everything you have going on. From weekly encouragement to special events, from product and services offered to testimonials and breaking news – make sure that your email marketing is top notch. When there is news to share, you deserve to be prepared to share it!

Professional Bios

This will be the first experience that your prospect has with you! A well written bio goes beyond your resume. It describes you as a person, your experiences, and how you can relate to the industry you’re connecting to. The most important and successful people use bios – therefore, so should you.

…and more!


My creativity and uniqueness with wordplay have allowed me to help people from all walks of life. From best-selling authors to international keynote speakers, from entrepreneurs to everyday people – I provide the words so you can provide the message.

Now, also offering BOOK WRITING COACHING!
If you need assistance and accountability in birthing that book or journal, schedule a consultation today and discover the options available to you. Whether you need to start from scratch OR have something to begin the process with, we can assist you in birthing your literary baby!



What are the prices for your services?

Prices depend on the order itself. Once you’ve provided more information about the specifics of your order, we can discuss pricing options.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

Turnaround times depend on the order itself. There are some orders that can be rushed within 24 hours for an additional fee; however, the completion times vary.

What services do you provide?

Our motto is, “If it MUST be written, it MUST beUpWrite!” We have completed order types from small speeches and jingles to ghostwriting books and course curriculums. Please see our services tab for more information on what we provide.

If I want more info, how do I contact you?

If you have questions about any services, you’re welcome to submit an inquiry to [email protected] for more information. If you have a better idea of where you want to go and need a bit more detailed conversation, feel free to schedule a time to talk with us. Click here for our calendar!

What are your business hours?

While we are not a typical “store front” with specified business hours, we do reserve set hours to complete orders and respond to emails. Those hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Please note these times are in EST time zone. We do reserve major U.S. holidays.

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